Change in California Law Allows You to Participate in an Electronic Monitoring Program Even if You Cannot Post Bail (CPC 1203.018)

By: Wallin & Klarich

The California Legislature recently changed California Penal Code section 1203.018, which may allow you to be released from custody while awaiting trial on an electronic monitoring program. This option is available even if you are not able to post bail. Previously you were only able to participate in the electronic monitoring program if you had been in custody for 30 days on misdemeanor charges or if you had been in custody for 60 days for any charge. The electronic monitoring option is now available to you while you await trial if the correctional administrator finds that your participation in the electronic monitoring program would not pose a threat to the public safety of the community and the court approves of your release from custody.


The electronic monitoring program can be implemented in several ways including through home detention monitoring or GPS tracking of your whereabouts. Home detention monitoring usually requires that you wear an ankle bracelet that keeps track of your movement and location.

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