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Law Change Expands Custodial Parents Rights To Two Additional Phone Calls After They Have been Arrested (PC 851.5)

Under California Penal Code section 851.5, you must be allowed to make three completed phone calls within three hours after you have been arrested. Further, if you are a custodial parent you are entitled to make two additional phone calls to arrange for the care of any minor children. The right to make these telephone calls to arrange for child care is allowed regardless of your immigration status.


Due to recent amendments, California law now requires that the arresting officer ask you if you are a custodial parent. If you are a custodial parent, the arresting officer must inform you that you are allowed to make two additional phone calls to arrange for child care during your absence. The arresting officer must inform you of your right to make telephone calls as soon as it is practicable, but no later than three hours after your arrest. Further, your right to make two additional phone calls regarding child care for minor children must also be posted on a sign that is out in the open and visible to you after arrest.

If the phone calls are made within the local calling area they will be no expense to you, but if they are made outside the local calling area you will be liable for the expense.

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