Will I Be extradited to another state if I have a warrant for my arrest in that state and I have come to California to live?

By: Wallin & Klarich

The answer to that question depends upon why the warrant was issued for your arrest in the “other state”. If the other state issued a warrant for your arrest for a felony matter then it is highly likely that state will issue an “extradition warrant” for your arrest. They will send the warrant to all the other 49 states in the United States. If you are stopped by a police officer in California and the officer locates this “extradition warrant” you will be taken into custody and likely held without bail.


This would then commence an “extradition” matter. You should retain an experienced extradition criminal lawyer immediately. That lawyer can possibly work with a lawyer in the “other state” in an attempt to have the warrant lifted. However, if that doesn’t happen there are other possible defenses to an extradition matter.

If you are facing an extradition matter you are legally entitled to an “identification hearing”. At that hearing the court has to determine certain legal issues before the judge can sign an extradition warrant. However, if the judge does sign the extradition warrant then the “other state” is notified and they have thirty days in which to pick you up and return you to that state to face the criminal charges. If the state fails to pick you up then California is required to release you from custody.

However, this does not end the process. This is because you could be stopped by another police officer a few days or weeks later and the process would begin all over again.

If you know you have a felony warrant in another state you should contact our law firm so we can help you work with a lawyer in the other state to resolve the matter. If you are arrested on an extradition warrant you are more than likely going to be returned to that state in custody. This is definitely not a pleasant experience and you can be in custody for a long time.

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