Romney Finally States He Will Not Reverse Obama Executive Order On Undocumented Youth Path To Legal Status In United States

By: Wallin & Klarich

After months of refusing to answer the question, finally yesterday Romney stated that if he were elected he would not reverse President Obama’s executive order granting millions of young adults a chance to obtain a work permit for a two year period as a first step to legal status in the United States.

Romney was quoted as saying he would not feel right taking away something that these people had purchased. Romney claimed that within the two year window that Obama has put into play Romney would have adopted a comprehensive immigration plan that would become the law.

However, few intelligent people should believe what Romney has to say. First, he is being backed by millions of voters who do not believe that Obama’s executive order was something he could legally do.
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During the recent Republican debates Romney said many times that he believed the proper immigration policy would be for all of those illegally in this country to “voluntarily deport” themselves and return to their “home country” and then stand in line and wait for them to be able to legally immigrate to the United States.

With Romney’s standing in the polls among Hispanics dropping to extremely low levels it is clear Romney is once again “changing his position” on another important issue to millions of Americans.

First he was for a women’s right to choose and now he is firmly pro-life.

Then he was responsible for putting a health care program into place in Massachusetts when he was governor, which is almost identical to “Obamacare”. Now he goes around the country claiming on his first day in office he will “abolish Obamacare”.

Now he decides with five weeks to go before the election and him trailing in Florida and Nevada and other states with large Hispanic voting blocks that he should change his position on immigration in order to attempt to gain some votes.

The voters in this country are just too smart to not see through his latest political move.

President Obama has been far from perfect in his four years in office. However, he has done the courageous thing time and time again regardless of politics.

He supports gay marriage at a time when that is a highly controversial position to take.

He issued an executive order to help millions of young adults remain in this country and not be deported when millions of Americans oppose this idea.

He continues to fight for Obamacare because it is allowing lower and middle income people to have health insurance including prenatal care and cancer screenings.
He does so even thought a majority of Americans do not support his position.

The choice is so clear. Romney’s most recent move will not change voters mind.
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He cannot be trusted.

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