Governor Brown Vetoes Bill That Will Lead To Undocumented Immigrants Being Deported For Minor Offenses

By: Wallin & Klarich

Decision Deals a Serious Blow to Advocates for Equal Justice for Hard Working Immigrants
California’s governor late Sunday vetoed a bill that would have allowed local authorities to free undocumented immigrants from custody despite requests by immigration officials to hold them for possible deportation proceedings. In his veto message, Gov. Brown said he could not sign the bill because under it, “local officers would be prohibited from complying with an immigration detainer unless the person arrested was charged with, or has been previously convicted of, a serious or violent felony.

By vetoing the Trust Act Governor Brown has failed California’s immigrant communities, threatening our civil rights and leaving us all less safe. Immigration and Customs Enforcement strong-armed the Governor to defend its deportation quota instead of defending Californian’s rights. Until we have immigration reform, federal agents shouldn’t try to coerce local law enforcement officers into detaining people who’ve been picked up for minor offenses and pose no reasonable threat to our community.

“The only way that Governor Brown’s veto can be overridden is if two-thirds of both houses of the California legislature vote to override his veto. We will keep you posted as to any further developments as the story unfolds.

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