California Drug and Weapons Charges Prompts Pat Down Legality Dispute

By: Wallin & Klarich

When you are facing drug charges you need the legal representation of highly qualified criminal defense lawyers to help you win your case.

Tyree Christopher Collier was denied his motion to suppress evidence on Thursday, September 18, 2008 and plead guilty to concealed firearm charges in California. Collier was the passenger in a car that was pulled over in a routine traffic stop in Los Angeles County.
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The Deputy Sheriff, Alfredo Rosas, stopped the vehicle for not having a front license plate but smelled a strong scent of marijuana as he approached the car.

Deputy Rosas and his partner, Deputy Brett Binder, asked Collier and the driver to step out of the vehicle.
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Deputy Binder asked Collier if he had any weapons or anything illegal on his person and Collier responded that he didn’t. Binder noted that Collier was wearing baggy shorts and an un-tucked shirt which led him to believe that Collier was concealing a weapon. Deputed Binder proceeded to pat Collier down to “allay his fear” and as such found a loaded Glock nine millimeter handgun in his pants pocket, along with a jar of PCP.

Collier was sentenced to 16 months state prison after his motion to suppress evidence was denied. Collier claimed that the search was unlawful and as such the evidence acquired through that search should be excluded. The court ruled against Collier stating, “There were specific and articulable facts to conduct a limited pat down based on officer safety and the presence of drugs;” later noting that “guns often accompany drugs.” Wallin and Klarich have successfully defended countless clients when their rights have been violated such as with Mr. Collier in his case. He needed an experienced and aggressive California drug crime defense attorney to help him fight such an unlawful search and eventual sentence. Mr. Collier did not do this and instead, went to state prison.

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