Victorville Criminal Defense and Drunk Driving Lawyers

By: Wallin & Klarich

The Victorville criminal defense lawyers at Wallin & Klarich have more than 30 years of experience defending San Bernardino County clients who are facing criminal charges, including misdemeanors, felonies, federal and internet crimes.

Victorville, California is located in the Victor Valley of western San Bernardino County. Residing on the fringes of the Mojave Desert and home to an at-one-time defunct military air base, Victorville is a prime location for major motion picture filming. Some of the projects include Terminator III, Lethal Weapon, The Hills Have Eyes and Kill Bill pt. 2, among others. As a locale for A-List celebrities, Victorville must have the best criminal defense attorneys available locally; this is where Wallin & Klarich comes in.

The southern California felony defense attorneys from Wallin & Klarich are there to represent the potentially high-profile criminal defendants in Victorville. What sets us apart from other law firms outside Victorville is our extensive knowledge of area judges and courts. Whether you’ve been accused of serious crimes like murder, assault, or sex crimes or even white collar crimes like fraud or forgery, the experience our Victorville DUI defense attorneys have in working with local judges and district attorneys allow us to quickly and effectively devise a solid defense strategy for your case.

At Wallin & Klarich, we believe that it is of the utmost importance that your reputation and dignity are preserved throughout the resolution of your criminal matter. We are committed to being available to our clients at all times — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you or someone you love is facing felony or misdemeanor charges in Victorville, you should call Wallin & Klarich today for a free evaluation of your case. Call 1-888-749-0034 or fill out our online consultation form to get in contact with a legal professional today.

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