Federal Criminal Case Judges Can Reject Plea Bargains

By: Wallin & Klarich

Judges have the power to reject plea bargains in federal criminal cases; hiring an experienced federal criminal attorney can assist you in obtaining a positive result in your case

A federal judge recently rejected a plea bargain made between the accused and the prosecutors that would have given an Orange County billionaire probation for lying to regulators about his role in an alleged $2.2-billion stock-option scam. The defendant was facing charges that carried a maximum prison term of five years. However, under federal sentencing guidelines, probation would be considered appropriate for someone like the defendant with no prior record.

While it is rare for a judge to reject a plea bargain, it does happen and the judge is within his or her power to reject the terms of any plea arrangement. What this means is that it is critical that if you are facing federal criminal charges that you obtain the services of a highly qualified Orange County federal crime defense lawyer to assist you in your case.

When you are accused of a federal crime you need the guidance of highly skilled criminal defense attorneys who know how federal criminal defense works. Your lawyer will go over your different plea options and advise you of the possible outcomes.

You should always retain a lawyer that you feel comfortable with and to whom you can easily ask questions and receive answers you understand. There is too much at stake when you are facing federal criminal charges such as felony counterfeiting or organized crime. Make sure you contact Wallin and Klarich for a free phone consultation about your legal matter. You will be happy you did.

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