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It is important to have a court order with a set visitation schedule so you can enforce your child custody visitation rights. If a parent does not have a court order specifying a visitation schedule they are not entitled by law to a set visitation schedule and the police will not intervene. Kevin Federline was previously granted primary custody of their two children and Britney Spears was given monitored visitation due to her recent behavior. Last Thursday Britney had the two children for her monitored visit, however she refused to follow the court order and would not let Kevin take their two children after her scheduled visit.
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If you have a court order for visitation and the other parent refuses to follow the court order you can seek police assistance in enforcing the order.
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Because of the court order Kevin Federline was assisted by the police and was able to get the two children back from Britney Spears. This is why it is important to have a knowledgeable family law attorney to help you get court orders for custody and visitation.

In addition, when one parent does not follow the court ordered visitation the court can and will take action against the parent that does not follow the order. The court takes these matters seriously and punishes the parent that does not comply with the court order. Since Britney did not follow the order and Kevin Federline had to seek police assistance, Kevin went to court and was able to revoke Britney’s current visitation until a further court hearing.

Therefore, it is important to seek the assistance of an attorney to obtain a court order for custody and visitation so you can seek police intervention if the other parent does not follow the court order. Wallin and Klarich attorneys have experience in the areas of divorce and child custody law, and can help you get a court order for custody and visitation.

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