Keep out of Jail in Orange County: DUI Court

By: Wallin & Klarich

Whether it is your first DUI or your third, California State law imposes jail. In cases of a second or third misdemeanor DUI’s the jail time one potentially faces in Orange County DUI cases is very significant, at times up to a YEAR. A skilled attorney, however, can assist in getting you NO county jail time by working with you, the Court and the Probation Department. There is an option in Orange County of rehabilitation and counseling in lieu of jail via DUI Court. There are certain eligibility requirements, however, one must meet before getting accepted into the program. Having an attorney who knows the system and the requirements increases your chances of staying out of jail significantly. So if you find yourself facing a significant amount of jail time in Orange County as a result of a DUI, contact Wallin & Klarich and we will help navigate you through the system and assist you in staying out of jail.

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