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In a recent California Supreme Court case (case number S189577), a court found that a person selling alcohol to a minor that leads to the injury or death of another can be found liable for the injury or death.

The decision stems from a wrongful death case where the defendant, Jessica Manosa, held a party at her parents’ home without their knowledge. Manosa, who was underage at the time of the incident, allowed friends who were invited to the party to enter for free but charged an entry fee for those who she did not know. She had a friend stand in front of the door and charged an entry fee to those who were not invited. Once the entry fee was paid, guests were allowed to enter the house and drink alcohol that Manosa provided.

One guest, Thomas Garcia, paid a $20 fee for him and his friends to enter the party. Garcia admitted to drinking before the party and witnesses testified to seeing him consume alcohol during the party. After exhibiting aggressive and rowdy behavior, he was asked to leave. Manosa’s friend, Andrew Ennabe, escorted Garcia to his car. Public%20Intoxication.jpg

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Protests nationwide over the recent acquittal of George Zimmerman are continuing. Six female jurors in Seminole County had the option of finding Zimmerman guilty of second-degree murder or the lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter. Zimmerman, a member of the Neighborhood Watch team in his community, was charged after he shot 17-year-old Treyvon Martin following a scuffle.

Zimmerman claimed innocence citing Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, which states that a person may justifiably use force in self-defense when there is reasonable belief of an unlawful threat, without an obligation to retreat first. The jurors found Zimmerman not guilty. The issue of race and racial profiling has also played a significant role in this case since Treyvon Martin was African-American.


Why the Voluntary Manslaughter Option?

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Manslaughter in San Bernardino

The California Penal Code section 192 defines manslaughter as the crime of killing another human being without premeditation and without prior planning. There are three different types of manslaughter cases that you can be convicted of: voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, and vehicular manslaughter. Your Wallin & Klarich San Bernardino criminal lawyer will advise you as to the elements of the particular charge you are accused of.

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California Voluntary Manslaughter Sentence

Voluntary%20Manslaughter%20Attorney%20888-280-6839.jpgVoluntary Manslaughter is the unlawful killing of a human being upon a sudden heat of passion or quarrel. Under California Penal Code 192 a, the accused does not have to have intentionally killed the victim to be convicted under this section.

While the punishment for voluntary manslaughter is less than for murder, it is still severe and will negatively affect your life.

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In what could become a landmark case that could reshape the criminal court system across the country, the cyber-bullying case of Dahrun Ravi has begun jury selection. Ravi is facing 10 years in prison for various charges, including invasion of privacy and bias intimidation. But if the court of public opinion had their druthers, he’d be on trial for manslaughter.

The victim of Ravi’s alleged crimes was Tyler Clementi, a gay student at Rutgers University who was Ravi’s roommate in the dorms and committed suicide. This case has been highly publicized for the past two years since Clementi took his life by jumping off of the George Washington bridge.

Prosecutors allege that Clementi killed himself after discovering that Ravi had captured a romantic encounter between himself and another man on webcam. While Ravi has already been cleared of any responsibility in the death of Clementi, prosecutors are trying to paint Ravi as a hateful homophobe who intentionally tried to intimidate and bully his roommate by recording a private moment.

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