Should I go to Traffic School if I am cited for a traffic violation?

By: Wallin & Klarich

As we all know, the cost for pleading guilty to a traffic citation has gone through the roof over the last few years.

A $20.00 seat belt citation will cost you $160 A $100 going through a red light citation has soared to $480.

It is very likely that the cost for these citations will soon be going up again as California tries to figure out how to cut its massive budget deficits.

The question often is asked whether going to traffic school is a good option when you are cited for a traffic violation. The answer is that in the vast majority of cases traffic school is a great idea.
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You can only go to traffic school once every 18 months. You cannot go to traffic school if you have a commercial drivers license. If you were going 25 miles over the speed limit traffic school will most often not be an option for you. Traffic school should not be used for those offenses (such as a seat belt citation) that do not count as a point on your driving record. However, in the vast majority of cases traffic school is an option you should seriously consider.

Here are the reasons why traffic school is a good option in most traffic cases.
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l. If you attend traffic school and show proof the court you will not have a point on your driving record. You are only allowed 3 points in a 12 month period before you will have your driving privilege suspended (for point number 4) and so this will keep a point off your record.

2. If you attend traffic school your car insurance will not be increased because the citation will never be reported to your insurance company. This is because when you attend traffic school you are not pleading guilty.

3. You can do traffic school on line from the comfort of your home or office.

4. You can choose to go to traffic school in most courts without appearing in court. You can go on line and request traffic school and make your payment on line.

5. When you complete traffic school you most often can submit the proof on line or via fax to avoid having to go to court

What are the possible negatives of traffic school
A. You have to pay the cost of the ticket plus 53.00. (However in most courts you can make payments and still go to traffic school)

B. You have to do traffic school. (However most courts will give you as long as 90 days to complete traffic school)

C. You are not going to then go to trial on your citation (However, in over 90% of cases defendants who go to trial on traffic tickets are found guilty so the odds are against you if you attempt to go to trial
For most people traffic school is an option that should be seriously considered when you are facing a traffic citation.

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