La Puente High School Soccer Players Accused Of Sexual Assault And Hazing (PC 243.4)

By: Wallin & Klarich

Members of the La Puente High School soccer team have accused several teammates of sexual assault, penal code 243.4 and hazing that allegedly took place over a two year period. The alleged victims have retained a lawyer to sue the alleged perpetrators. It is possible that the students may also decide to bring a lawsuit against the school district.

The allegations are that at least four members of the soccer team would haze and sexually assault other members of the soccer team. The allegations included having the victims disrobe and a “javelin like” device inserted into them.

Police report that four of the boys are under investigation by law enforcement.

The lawyer for the alleged victims claims that these acts may have taken place with the knowledge or consent of the soccer coach. The soccer coach has been placed on administrative leave during the investigation.

When a student decides to take part in athletics in high school the parents of the student are lead to believe that a qualified coach will be supervising what goes on between the players. We all know that it is common for “kid type” pranks to take place among players on a high school team. However, nobody could ever imagine that the type of behavior described by the alleged victims in this case could possibly take place if proper supervision is in place.

We will keep track of developments on this case. If the school was negligent in their supervision of the soccer team members then that information will be brought forth. Since the alleged victims have a lawyer if this information is confirmed it is highly likely the school district will be sued as well as the alleged perpetrators.

Sexual battery is a serious crime in California under Penal Code Section 243.4. This crime can be a felony and carries with it a maximum sentence of up to four years in custody. If convicted you may have to register as a sex offender per Penal Code Section 290 for the remainder of your life.

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