Can I be denied a job because of what I have on my facebook page?

By: Wallin & Klarich

Unfortunately the answer is yes.

You go to a bachelor party in Vegas and you have a great time…maybe too great of a time. Photos are taken and posted on your facebook page. You apply for that really good job with a large financial institution. During the background check the company obtains information on your facebook page. You don’t get the job. You wonder could it have been because of that Vegas trip?

The answer can be yes. Over 900 million people now have FACEBOOK profiles. Employers in making decisions as to who to hire in this difficult economy have many choices. They probably would rather hire someone who doesn’t go “wild” in Las Vegas on the weekends and who will be ready to work first thing Monday morning.

A recent ruling by the FTC said it is entirely legal for prospective employers to review FACEBOOK postings (and similar social media information) as one tool to decide if they should hire you or not.

In addition to that issue, please keep in mind that future “spouses” who are thinking about dating you might decide to “pass” on that first date just based upon what they read on your FACEBOOK profile.

FACEBOOK has many positive features. You can reach out to friends and reconnect with your high school and college friends. You can invite people to social gatherings and keep up to date on all the exciting things going on in your friends lives. However, one very solid piece of advise would be to ask yourself before you post something in your facebook profile:

Would I want a prospective employer knowing this about me?
Would I want my future husband or wife reading this about me?

If the answer is NO to either question, our suggestion is don’t post it.

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