How to Fight Shoplifting Charges in San Bernardino County

By: Wallin & Klarich

In many instances, people make poor judgments and steal things. And sometimes false allegations do happen to good people. The possibility of getting a theft case dismissed or reduced and mitigated to a less serious offense depends largely on the experience of the San Bernardino theft lawyer representing you.

Theft offenses range from Petty theft under Penal Code Sections 484 and 488 which amounts to thefts up to a value of $950 to Grand Theft under Penal Code Section 487 which is property valued more than $950 to even auto burglary and some of the white collar crimes like embezzlement and identity theft.

Having a theft record can also hamper a persons chance in gaining employment in the future and other consequences as they will appear on background checks if there is a conviction.

An experienced San Bernardino county attorney at Wallin & Klarich can often help you defend these charges and allegations and have them dismissed if warranted or even reduced to a lesser offense. We look to the evidence and its strength or weakness and attack it and all the circumstances and facts surrounding the charges.

These offenses can also be resolved by what’s called a civil compromise when the victim has been paid for the value of the item or restored to the same position they were at before the offense occurred. We often can negotiate with the prosecution to dismiss such charges or mitigate to a lesser offense and not as egregious.

Have you or a loved one recently been charged with theft offense in California? It is important to contact an experienced San Bernardino attorney to represent you against these charges. At Wallin and Klarich, our San Bernardino defense attorneys have successfully represented many clients in this situation. Call us at 1-888-749-0034 or visit our website at

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