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New Law Allows Prison Officials to Search Property Left in a Locker Without a Warrant

The Court of Appeals in Los Angeles has just ruled that a visitor to an inmate has no expectation of privacy in any item that they may place in a jail or prison locker.

On September 29. 2011 the court ruled in People vs. Boulter that if you decide to place any item in a locker in a prison or jail facility it is subject to search and seizure without probable cause and without a warrant.

What this means is that if jail or prison officials locate anything that may be illegal to possess that you have placed in the locker you can and likely will be prosecuted for a crime.

As we all know it is difficult to visit a loved one in custody. There are scores of rules that you must follow and of course you are subject to search and seizure before you are allowed to visit your loved one in custody. Most jail facilities require to you remove all of your personal items and place them in a locker before entering the prison.

Our advice is be smart and do not bring anything that might get you in trouble into any prison facility. Leave all of your personal items at home or lock them securely in the trunk of your car when visiting a loved one in a jail or a prison facility. We realize that it is often very emotional when you are visiting a loved one in custody. Sometimes we might forget that you are entering a law enforcement facility and there are very strict rules that must be followed. Keep your personal items at home to avoid any potential problems.

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