Federal Agents Charge Members Of An Alleged Antiquities Smuggling Ring

By: Wallin & Klarich

United States federal agents arrested and charged four men who are allegedly members of an international smuggling ring. According to federal authorities, it is the first time an alleged antiquities smuggling ring has been dismantled within the United States. The men are charged with conspiring to smuggle artifacts and money laundering.

Under federal law its illegal to engage in money laundering. The law porhibits anyone from conducting or attempting to conduct a financial transction that involves the proceeds of specified unlawful activity either:

1) with the intent to promote the carrying on of specified unlawful activity; or
2) with intent to engage in conduct constituting avoidance of taxes
when that person knows that the transaction is designed in whole or in part to conceal or disguise the nature, the location, the source, the ownership, or the control of the proceeds of specified unlawful activity; or to avoid a transaction reporting requirement under State or Federal law.

Under the law, prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the charged person knew the property involved in the transaction represented proceeds from some form, though not necessarily which form, of activity that contitues a felony under State or Fedreal law.

What are the potential punishments if convicted under federal money laundering laws?

If convicted of money laundering under federal law, a person faces a fine up to $500,00 or twice the value of the propertyinvolved in the transaction, whichever is greater, or imprisonment for not more than twenty years, or both.

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