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Now that the US Supreme Court has told the California prison systems they have two years to reduce the California State Prison population dramatically many experts are asking how that will be accomplished. Here are some of the real possibilities
Prison inmates serving time for non-violent offenses may be granted parole earlier than their current release date and placed in half way houses or other local facilities
Many prison inmates will be transferred to serve the balance of their time in county jail facilities
More prison inmates will be transferred to facilities in other states
District Attorneys offices will be told to file more cases as misdemeanors that could be filed as felonies to avoid possible new prison sentences.

What is certain is that the conservative justices on the US Supreme Court were very unhappy that this was happening.
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They would have preferred that inmates continue to live in deplorable overcrowded conditions. One of the justices went so far as to warn that this decision will lead to scores of new victims who will be preyed upon by prison inmates released from prison only to commit new serious offenses.

If you care about basic human rights then this is a good day for you. If you care about human beings being provided with basic human decency when they are incarcerated then this is a good day for you.

However, we know so little about what will actually happen now that the US Supreme Court has come down on the side of basic human rights. Wallin and Klarich will be tracking developments as to how inmate release will take place in the not too distant future. Feel free to call us or continue to read our blog for updated information. You can reach us at 877-466-5245.
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