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When you have been convicted of a crime, you may lose certain rights. You could lose your right to own a firearm, your driving privileges, or even your right to vote.voted_voting-300x225.jpg

So, are you eligible to vote if you have been convicted of a crime? The answer depends on many factors.

Can I Vote if I’ve Been Convicted of a Crime?

First of all, you must be at least 18 years old and be a citizen in order to vote. If you’ve been convicted of a crime, it does not necessarily mean you lose your right to vote.

However, there are circumstances in which you could be ineligible to vote in California. If you were convicted of a felony and are currently serving your jail or parole sentence, you are not eligible to vote in the election.

You are eligible to vote if you have been convicted of a crime and you are placed on mandatory supervision or post-release community supervision, you are currently serving a sentence in county jail under realignment, or if you are currently serving time for a parole violation.

If you are ineligible to vote due to a felony conviction, it does not mean you cannot vote ever again. You will be able to vote after you have completed probation, parole or any terms of your sentence. You are not required to take any action to restore your right to vote. You are granted that ability automatically once you are released, but you will need to register or re-register to vote. Your registration application must be received or postmarked at least 15 days before an election in order to be eligible in that election.

Can I Vote if I was Convicted of a Misdemeanor Crime?

If you were convicted of a misdemeanor crime, it has no effect on your ability to vote in California. You can vote in any upcoming elections, as long as you are legally registered to vote.

There are also situations in which you can vote while still being in jail. You will be able to cast your vote while in jail if you:

  • Are waiting for your trial to begin (for any crime)
  • Were convicted of a misdemeanor
  • Are in jail because of a probation violation

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