Former Los Angeles Police Detective Charged With Theft and Securities Fraud

By: Wallin & Klarich

Yes, police officers may sometimes be dishonest
The former Los Angeles Police detective was charged with ten felony counts, including grand theft, the selling of false investment securities, and the selling of securities without a license. She has pled not guilty to the charges in San Bernardino County Superior Court and is being held in lieu of $1-million bail.
The former detective allegedly collected over 0,000 from investors amidst false claims of huge returns within months.
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Moreover, the former detective also allegedly told the investors that she was investing their money in properties secured by deeds of trust and that she would sell off her own properties to reimburse them if any of the deals went wrong. 13 L.A.P.D. employees are alleged to have invested their money with the former detective.
What this story demonstrates is that police officers are not always honest. As a criminal defense firm, we get numerous calls each year from clients claiming that the police have either lied, omitted certain facts, or misstated the truth. This story about the former detective does not mean that all police officers lie, but it does illustrate how they are not always trustworthy and can be dishonest in some cases.
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