I Need to Expunge My Criminal Record in San Diego. What Should I Do Next?

By: Wallin & Klarich

Expungement is nothing more than a statutory vehicle to dismiss a criminal case under certain specified conditions. Both misdemeanors and felonies may be expunged. Any adult who was granted and successfully completed probation, either by fulfilling the conditions of probation or being discharged before the end of his or her probation period may be eligible for expungement.

ExpungementIndividuals who seek to expunge their criminal record must also show that they are not currently serving any sentence for any offense, are not on probation for any offense, and are not currently charged with committing any crime. Under the law, however, individuals who are convicted of certain sex crimes and vehicle code violations are ineligible to expunge their criminal record.

When the case is expunged, the court dismisses the case, which will significantly increase your chances of securing employment. However, when such a person applies for a government job or job which requires a government-issued license, certificate or permit, the expunged conviction must be disclosed. It is also important to know that an expunged criminal conviction will not reinstate the right to possess firearms unless it is reduces to a misdemeanor, and it will not remove such conviction from California and the FBI criminal history records. Starting 2011, the law permits individuals convicted of certain vehicle code infractions to seek dismissal of charges and release from all penalties and disabilities resulting from those offenses, as specified.

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