The Juvenile Justice System Tries To Rehabilitate Youth Rather Than To Punish Them

By: Wallin & Klarich

Both the juvenile and adult justice system in California have the shared goal of public safety. However, this is one of the few goals both systems have in common. The adult justice system has the goal of punishment of offenders, where as the juvenile justice system has the goal of treatment and rehabilitation of juvenile offenders.

The goal of treatment and rehabilitation, in lieu of punishment in juvenile proceedings is evident by the wide array of programs aimed at addressing behavioral problems of juveniles. The juvenile courts often allow its offenders to complete diversion or treatment programs as part of their rehabilitation. If an offender is allowed to complete a diversion program, the court may dismiss the underlying offense against the juvenile.

Although the adult justice system also has a number of diversion related programs, these programs are offered much less, and under more stringent circumstances than they are offered in the juvenile justice system.

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