Many Continue To Discover Their Name Has Been Placed On The Child Abuse Central Index, Even When The Claims Turn Out To Be Unsubstantiated.

By: Wallin & Klarich

The Child Abuse Central Index (CACI) was created by the Legislature in 1965 as a tool for state and local agencies to help protect the health and safety of California’s children. Although the idea of protecting California’s children by establishing an index of known abusers is theoretically a good idea, the resulting outcome has been that many are listed on the index based on unsubstantiated claims against them.

Recent court decisions have mandated those who are placed on the index, must be given notice and an opportunity to have a hearing to remove name from the child abuse central index. Although this safeguard has ensured many to be excluded from the index, that otherwise would be listed, many feel that the safeguards and standards are insufficient.

Perhaps the most common criticism of CACI is the standard required to be placed on the index. For purposes of CACI, a person will be kept on the list if the child abuse claims are either deemed substantiated or inconclusive.

Most agree that if the claims are found to be substantiated, the inclusion of that person on CACI is warranted. However a fervent criticism comes from those that oppose listing people on the index when the claims against are found unsubstantiated. In those cases, the person will remain on CACI.

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