Pasadena Assault and Battery Defense Lawyers

By: Wallin & Klarich

The city of Pasadena is situated in the bustling region of Los Angeles County and is widely recognized for hosting the nationally watched Tournament of Roses parade and the annual Rose Bowl Football game. As the sixth largest city in LA County, Pasadena is home to an estimated 146,518 residents as of 2007. As a highly diverse and culturally rich area, Pasadena draws in several new residents and visitors every year to the San Gabriel Valley. Although Pasadena is known for being a safe city, in being such a heavily populated area, arrests for assault and battery offenses may occur. When such situations arise, arrested individuals may want to consult with a skilled Pasadena assault defense lawyer for legal advice and representation.

It is not uncommon for someone arrested for an assault crime to be unfamiliar with their legal rights. A person may not even know why they were taken into custody in the first place. Based on California Penal Code Section 240, an individual may be arrested for assault if he or she is suspected of having intended to commit battery, willful force on another person, or physical violence. A person does not need to make any physical contact to be charged with assault. Conversely, California Penal Code Section 242 states that a person may be arrested for battery if he or she makes unwanted physical contact without another individual’s consent. An arrest for battery may be made even if the unwanted physical contact did not cause any injury or pain to the alleged victim.

At Wallin & Klarich, our knowledgeable and aggressive Pasadena criminal defense attorneys have obtained several positive outcomes for clients accused of assault and battery crimes. We are very familiar with the potential defenses to assault and battery charges and will conduct a thorough investigation of your case. You can rely on our criminal defense team to build a strong and effective defense on your behalf. Contact Wallin & Klarich today by calling 1-888-280-6839 or visit today.

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