Videotape Reveals Images Contradictory to LAPD Officers’ Testimony

By: Wallin & Klarich

Los Angeles officers Richard Amio, Evan Samuel and Manuel Ortiz have been recently prosecuted for perjury and conspiracy after a videotape revealed images that contradicted their testimonies. While testifying for a drug-possession case, the officers claimed that defendant Guillermo Alarcon threw a box that broke open revealing cocaine. The surveillance tape, however, showed the box was opened by the officers after Alarcon was detained. Consequently, the charges against Alarcon were dismissed.

Such cases are taken very seriously as they effect the integrity of other officers’ testimony. Chief William J. Bratton therefore, has said that they are dealing with the situation carefully and emphasized that this was an isolated case. The attorneys for the officers stated that they would fight these charges, claiming that the videotape had been edited and had not started until after Alarcon was arrested.

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