Polanski Has Options to Have Case Dismissed

By: Wallin & Klarich

The Los Angeles district attorney has announced that if Switzerland does extradite filmmaker Roman Polanski, the criminal case from which he fled 31 years ago will be reopened. Polanski was originally indicted by the grand jury on six felonies that included rape against a 13 year old, but these charges were later dismissed after he accepted a deal to plead guilty to unlawful intercourse with a minor.

Legal experts however, believe that Polanski does have options to have the case dismissed should he be returned to Los Angeles. One option is asking that the charges be dropped because of alleged judicial misconduct by Judge Laurence Rittenband for retracting Polanski’s original sentence and adding another punishment. Another option is to withdraw his original guilty plea, which opens the possibility of a new trial with the original six felony charges. While this many seem risky, experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys predict Polanski could benefit from this because the victim is unlikely to cooperate.

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