Santa Ana DMV Hearings and DUI Defense Attorneys

By: Wallin & Klarich

Santa Ana has an estimated population of 339,130, making it the most heavily populated city within the large region of Orange County. The city of Santa Ana is only 10 miles away from several California beaches and is located alongside the Santa Ana River in Southern California. Located within the second largest metropolitan area (thirteen million people) in all of the U.S., Santa Ana is the fourth most densely populated city. As a consequence of its growing popularity, the roadways in Santa Ana can become very busy in which arrests are often made for drunk driving and Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) hearings often take place.

Many motorists charged with driving under the influence in Santa Ana are surprised to learn that the police officer who makes their arrest will take away their driver’s license. Another extremely important factor involved with a DUI charge that many individuals are not aware of is that a person only has ten days to schedule their DMV hearing. This is your chance to retain your driving privileges. Failure to schedule your DMV hearing within the allotted time will automatically cause your hearing to be surrendered, thus suspending your driving privileges for thirty days from the date of your arrest.

The skilled Santa Ana DMV hearings attorneys at Wallin & Klarich understand how important it is for your DMV hearing, and any other trials pertaining to your DUI, to be successful. To ensure that you retain your driving privileges after being charged with a DUI in Santa Ana, it may be in your best interest to contact Wallin & Klarich as soon as possible. Our skilled Southern California criminal defense lawyers have been defending the rights of those facing criminal charges such as DUI for over 30 years. We have the legal knowledge and resources to help you obtain a positive outcome in your DMV hearing and DUI case. Contact our aggressive attorneys today by calling 888-290-6839 or visit for more information.

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