U.S. Attorney Misconduct Leads to Another Overturned Conviction

By: Wallin & Klarich

Why Having an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Can Make a Difference

A U.S. District Judge recently ruled that supermarket mogul George Torres did not get a fair trial after it was discovered that the federal prosecutors failed to provide the defense with evidence that harmed the credibility of two key witnesses. This failure to disclose led to the dismissal of racketeering and other charges that were based on the testimony.
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The experienced criminal defense attorney argued that since some of the charges were thrown out, they all should be thrown out-the judge agreed.

In addition to the prosecution’s failure to disclose, Torres’ defense attorney was also able to expose Los Angeles Police Department Detective Greg Kading for threatening witnesses and promising money and leniency in exchange for the tainted testimony. Torres was eventually convicted by jury, despite the allegations; but is now on his way to freedom thanks to his diligent criminal defense.

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