OC Mom Admits Running High End Prostitution Ring

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A KTLA.COM news report has detailed the story of an Orange County mom who ran a high end prostitution ring. The mother of two pleaded guilty to money laundering and transporting a person from Orange County to New York City for purposes of prostitution. The guilty plea followed a previous not-guilty plea that was entered in a Santa Ana court in May.

According to reports, the ring employed as many as 71 escorts, who catered to a high-profile list of clientele. Client’s reportedly paid up to $50,000 for one night with the escorts, this after paying a $1,500 initiation fee.

The video news reports alleges that the Orange County Madame has struck a deal with prosecutors, possibly turning over the identities of her clientele, a who’s who of Hollywood stars, professional athletes, and perhaps even politicians. Court prosecutors recommended Braun be sentenced to a fine of $30,000, 6 months of home confinement and five years probation.


As with all sex crimes, prostitution carries with it more punishment than mere jail time. In addition to fines and fees having to be paid, prostitution can also ruin a person’s reputation with an employer and in the community. The social stigma that comes along with prostitution can lead to job dismissal, fewer employment opportunities, and a diminished social life.

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Source report:http://www.ktla.com/news/landing/ktla-michelle-braun-prostitution-ring,0,5413622.story

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