Juvenile Sex Crime Appealed

By: Wallin & Klarich

Cursory Investigation of Potentially Exculpatory Evidence Amounts to Inadequate Assistance of Counsel for Minor – Why You Need an Experienced Juvenile Defense Attorney

When hiring a criminal defense attorney in California to represent your child, be sure he/she is competent, aggressive and thorough. In the case of In re Edward S. 2009 DJDAR 6066, the Court of Appeal ruled that a minor’s trial had to be reversed and remanded back to the juvenile Court because his attorney was ineffective and failed to properly represent the minor in a sex case. Edward S., a minor, was charged with a sex crime against another minor. His trial attorney failed to properly investigate the case or hire potential experts to assist in the case. The petition against him was found to be true beyond a reasonable doubt. He appealed and the Court of Appeal reversed the adjudication.

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