Damaging Evidence Taken From Facebook and Myspace: Yet Another Example of Why You Need an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

By: Wallin & Klarich

This story is an interesting case. According to the article, it might be unethical for an attorney who represents someone to ask the opponent witness or alleged victim in a case to be a friend by using a fake friend request on Facebook.com
What does that mean? That means your attorney can’t ask to “friend” the alleged victim in a case without disclosing the fact that it’s the attorney who is requesting the friend, or that it’s a person sent by the attorney.

But that doesn’t mean the cops can’t do it. Cops are allowed to do whatever they want to gather information provided that they tell the truth in court about it and don’t violate the United States Constitution.

That’s why it’s important that potential defendants in criminal cases know that the best thing they can say to someone they don’t know, is absolutely NOTHING.

That means it’s a very bad idea to post too much information about yourself on social networking sites like myspace.com and facebook.com. If the police are smart enough, they might be able to track down the information from the website and link it to you. This can have disastrous effects on your pending criminal trial.

Remember, while social websites might be fun, you always run a risk of giving the wrong information to the police. Contacting a skilled California criminal defense attorney at Wallin & Klarich today at 1-888-280-6839 will help you deal with a situation like the one above. Also, visit us online at www.wklaw.com to learn more about your case and what can be done.

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