California Appeals: Making the Right Objections in Court

By: Wallin & Klarich

What Happens If My Criminal Defense Attorney Does Not Make the Right Objections During Trial?

In a criminal trial, the district attorney may introduce evidence against a defendant that the jury should not consider. If the defendant is not represented by a skilled criminal defense attorney in California, the prosecution may be successful in introducing this evidence. If this happens, there is not much the defendant can do about it, even on appeal.

In People v. Crabtree the prosecutor was successful in introducing several different types of evidence that should have been deemed inadmissible. This evidence included hearsay statements and documents which eventually led to the defendant being convicted. On appeal, the defendant attempted to argue that his conviction should be overturned as a result of these errors. The Appellate court was not receptive. The court found that because the defendant and the criminal appeals lawyer did not raise the appropriate objections at the time the district attorney introduced the evidence, he could not seek a reversal of the conviction on those grounds.

You do not want to hire an attorney who is going to fail to raise the appropriate objections at your trial which could result in your guilty conviction. This is why it is important to hire a competent and experienced California appeal attorney.

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