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California Home Detention Qualifications

Can my Criminal Defense Attorney Help me Serve my Jail Time in Home Detention?

The answer to this will depend on whether you make the sound decision to retain the legal services of a knowledgeable, reputable and experienced criminal defense attorney in California at Wallin and Klarich.

Voluntary Home Detention Programs are generally available to low-risk defendants committed to jail, or defendants participating in a work furlough program. These defendants may participate in a home detention program during their sentence instead of confinement in county jail. (See Pen C §1203.016).

A defendant must be approved for the program by the correctional administrator in charge of the program. The court may restrict or deny a defendant’s participation in the program.

Involuntary Home Detention Programs exist where the correctional administrator determines that conditions in the jail facility warrant early release of misdemeanor defendants due to the lack of jail space. The county board of supervisors may authorize the correctional administrator to require defendants to participate in an involuntary home detention program during their sentence.

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