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Attorneys Who Conduct Thorough Investigations Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

Money issues often play an important role in California divorce proceedings, California child custody proceedings, and child and spousal support or alimony proceedings. This is especially the case in San Diego, where the cost of living frequently far outweighs the income for the average household. With gas prices up, food prices up, and salaries and job opportunities down, saving as much money as possible, and obtaining as much money as possible become a key goal for many of our clients going through family law proceedings.

An experienced, thorough attorney might be able to help you save money and obtain as much money as possible from your spouse. Conducting extensive discovery can sometimes cause the divorce to take longer, but it can also mean the difference between thousands of dollars.

Each spouse has a duty to fully disclose all of his or her relevant financial information to the other spouse. Payroll information must be given to the other spouse. Investment information must be given to the other spouse. Even post-separation acquisitions may include an amount of community interest and therefore should be given to the other spouse. If you do not trust your spouse to turn over all of his or her financial information, you may need a lawyer willing to go through the fight of demanding that information.

It matters what kind of lawyer you hire. It can mean the difference between thousands of dollars. If you would like to speak to a family law lawyer about your situation, check out Wallin & Klarich at our website www.wkfamilylaw.com.

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