I Want More Child Support

By: Wallin & Klarich

Is the child support payment that you are receiving not what it should be? Or, is the father or mother of your child not paying any child support at all, even though they should be?
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Or, are you are paying too much child support? If you answered yes to any one of these three questions, you are not alone. With the divorce rates in California and across the nation on the rise, more and more people now have to face issues relating to child support!

Child support refers to monetary compensation that one parent provides to the other parent of a minor child, to help in the care of that child.
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There are several factors that are considered when calculating what the child support payment should be. We will not list all of these factors now. Nonetheless, the most prevalent factors include the number of minor children, the length of time that each parent has with the children, and the amount of money that each parent makes.

Moreover, the amount of child support can always be adjusted as long as there is a change in circumstance. The two most obvious changes in circumstance would be change in percentage of time that each parent has with each parent and change in the amount of money that either parent makes.

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