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While this headline might seem so intuitive as to border on the humorous, a recent case in Los Angeles reveals that there is some benefit in conveying this message.

According to CNN.com, the case involves two elderly women who are alleged to have hatched a scheme to befriend transient men, take out hefty insurance policies on their lives, and then drug them and, while the men were drugged, to run the men over and kill them – making the accidents look like hit and run accidents involving homeless men. Then, allegedly, the women, beneficiaries under the policies of insurance, could collect the benefits.

During the trial of the two women, the prosecutor in the case played a tape recording allegedly made of the women when they were in custody together. In the recording, one woman allegedly blames the other for the pair’s downfall, stating that “it’s all your fault” and that “you can’t have that many insurers. You were greedy. That’s the problem.”

Accordingly, remember, if you or a loved one are accused of a crime, it’s best to remember these words of advice: Never open your mouth – unless you are in a dentist’s chair.

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