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(Your Criminal Case can lead to your deportation or denial of citizenship)

It is critical that if you are not a United States citizen and are accused of a criminal offense in California must you immediately inform your criminal defense attorney of your immigration status. Your criminal defense attorney can then discuss with you your immigration status and then can have you work with immigration lawyers who can help determine what type of settlement in criminal case can avoid adverse immigration consequences.

Many people think that they know the type of criminal convictions that can lead to adverse immigration consequences.
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However, immigration law is highly complex and there are specific rules that are applied. Do not make the mistake of thinking you can “hide” the fact that you are not a United State Citizen from your lawyer. Your lawyer is there to help you avoid severe punishment in your criminal case. However, an experienced criminal defense law firm will want to be able to assist you with consequences that go far beyond the direct result in your criminal case.

If you are accused of a criminal offense and are not a United States citizen you should notify your California criminal defense attorney of this fact during the initial contact you have with your criminal defense law firm. Prior to the conclusion of your case it will be critical that you also consult with an immigration lawyer who can work with your criminal defense lawyer to do what is possible to avoid your deportation or denial of citizenship.

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