You cannot appeal your criminal case if you pled guilty without a certificate of probable cause

By: Wallin & Klarich

Many people call our office asking if they can appeal their case. The people who call often tell us that their loved one, who is in jail, did not get proper representation. We are often told that the defendant’s public defender did not provide adequate legal advice or did not do proper investigations. Defendants are often told that it is in their best interest to enter a guilty plea by their public defender. After a guilty plea is entered the person accused wants to “appeal” their conviction.

What is important to realize is that if you enter a guilty plea you cannot appeal your conviction without first obtaining a Certificate of Probable Cause pursuant to California Penal Code Section 1237.
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5 from the judge that accepted your plea. In order to do this it is very important that you retain the services of an experienced criminal defense law firm who handles appeals. If you fail to obtain the required Certificate of Probable Cause your appeal will be dismissed even if your claims are valid.
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When you are looking into trying to appeal a criminal conviction you should contact a criminal defense attorney at Wallin and Klarich so we can discuss your legal options with you. Facing many years in prison is a frightening thought. You need a law firm on your side that cares about you and your family.

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