“I will only marry you if we get a Prenup”

By: Wallin & Klarich

Are you thinking about getting married but are scared off after seeing so many of your friends and family go through horrible divorce proceedings? If this is you, you are not alone. Most people know or have heard of someone that has lost half or more of their fortune as a result of a divorce. The reason for this is California’s Community Property laws, which basically state that whatever is acquired during a marriage is considered half the husband’s and half the wife’s. This includes income earned or property acquired during the marriage, even if one party earns all of the income for the family!
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However, do not be discouraged! There is a way to protect yourself!
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You can protect yourself by entering into a prenuptial agreement (or sometimes also referred to as a premarital agreement). A prenuptial agreement will allow you to keep your assets separate during the marriage and if you should get a divorce, you will not have to fork over half or more of your fortune!

There are strict guidelines for prenuptial agreements that must be followed in order for the agreement to be valid. Therefore, it is important to have a skilled and knowledgeable attorney draft the agreement and walk you through the process. Wallin and Klarich has several such skilled and experienced attorneys that can help you with your prenuptial agreement.

Everyone thinks that they will be married for life, and hopefully, this will come true. However, the statistics show that the divorce rates are on the rise. But do not let these statistics deter you from getting married. Go ahead and get married, but just be sure to protect yourself by having Wallin and Klarich draft you a prenuptial agreement! You will be glad that you did and it will allow you to enjoy your wedding date knowing that you are protected just in case things do not go as planned!

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