By: Wallin & Klarich

Many times a police officer will tell you that it is in your best interest to speak to them about the facts of your case. They will often tell you things will “go easier” for you if you talk to them.
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They might tell you that they can put in a good word with the DA if you talk to them. They even might suggest that if you talk to them you will get no jail time. PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE A POLICE OFFICER WHEN HE TELLS YOU THESE THINGS.

It is almost always a VERY BAD IDEA to speak to law enforcement about your case. If you are smart enough to tell the police officer you want to speak to a lawyer before deciding to speak to law enforcement, you may be making it much easier to win your case. If you speak to a police officer they will write a report. Often they will write that you made “admissions” or confessions and that can lead to you being found guilty and going to jail.
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The prosecution must prove you’re guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Often the very best evidence against a person accused of a crime is HIS OWN WORDS. Do not give the DA this powerful evidence against you. You should always consult with an experienced California criminal defense law firm before deciding whether you should speak to law enforcement.

Wallin and Klarich has been fighting for our clients for almost thirty years. If you will contact our law firm when you first are advised you are under investigation for a criminal offense we can contact law enforcement on your behalf and tell them not to speak to you.
Be smart. Protect your rights. Speak to Wallin and Klarich prior to ever speaking to a police officer, whether that is over the phone or in person. Call us at 888.280.6839 to discuss your case with a Wallin and Klarich Southern Calfiornia criminal defense attorney.

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