By: Wallin & Klarich

State laws across the nation are being passed to allow persons who have been convicted of crimes to challenge their convictions by the use of new DNA testing procedures. It has been reported that over 200 persons convicted of crimes have had their convictions reversed due to the use of DNA evidence.

Due to the many wrongful convictions that have occurred, the California legislature recently passed a law that now requires informant testimony to be corroborated before it can be heard by a jury. Over the years many people have argued that informant testimony is unreliable and now in California the lawmakers agree.
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Another bill that is pending in California would require that all interrogations of persons suspected of crimes be electronically recorded before they
can be admissible in court. That bill is now pending before the governor. If this law is passed it would be a major step toward evening the playing field. In the past, police officers would use “strong arm” techniques in an attempt to obtain confessions by suspects. Often police reports would state that confessions were obtained when the accused vehemently would deny that they did not confess to any crime.
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This new law would protect defendants’ rights and the real evidence would be the tape recording itself.

Many experts believe there are thousands of people currently in prison who have been wrongfully convicted of offenses. The use of DNA evidence is now available in many cases in an attempt to assist those persons. If you would like to discuss how the use of DNA evidence may assist you in your California Criminal Case feel free to contact Wallin and Klarich at 888.280.6839. We will be there when you call.

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