If I have a high Blood Alcohol Content level, should I plead guilty?

By: Wallin & Klarich

Although your blood alcohol content is probably the most important factor when the District Attorney and Judge evaluate your case, a high blood alcohol content alone does not mean that you cannot still win your DUI case. In fact no one factor on its own is enough to seal your fate.
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There are a number of other factors to consider which many not be obvious to you or to other attorneys. These include your driving pattern at the time you were pulled over, your performance on the Field Sobriety tests, and even the time you had your last drink and/or meal. Favorable results on any one of those last factors can be enough to help you win your case regardless of Blood Alcohol Content.

At Wallin and Klarich our attorneys are well versed in DUI law. Our attorneys have significant experience arguing and using many different DUI defense including “rising blood alcohol”, 1538.5 motions, Serna motions, and the “No Drive defense”. Furthermore our attorneys have the time to spend on your case so that we can carefully evaluate every option available.

Even cases which are considered “un-winnable” can still be mitigated.
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It is very common for us to get additional charges dismissed or their sentences reduced. Before you decide to just give up on your case, give our attorneys a call, there might be a defense to your case which you or another lawyer were not aware of.

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