Modification of Custody and Support Award

By: Wallin & Klarich

Has the court already issued an order regarding child support and custody? Have things changed in your life making you want to make a change to the court order? It may surprise you to learn that child custody and support orders are not final!

Child support orders are modifiable at any time as the court deems necessary. Courts will revise a child support order if there has been a material change of circumstances. The court makes this determination on a case by case basis. Reasons for modification include: a substantial increase in either parents earnings; a substantial decrease in income due to job change; substantial change in custodial arrangements; amount of time child spends with each parent; specific needs of the child; and a parents medical condition

In addition, child custody and visitation orders are modifiable throughout the child’s minority whenever the court finds that the modification is necessary and proper in the child’s best interests. A party seeking modification of a permanent custody order can do so with the showing of a significant change of circumstances so affecting the child that modification is essential to the child’s welfare.

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