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What happens when you are convicted of a crime you did not commit? Would you serve out the sentence even though you know you were falsely accused? The reality is that you should never stop fighting for your freedom, and the best way to do that is to find an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will commit to fight for your exoneration.gavel_3-300x199

That is exactly what happened recently to a man who had already served 32 years in prison for murder. His conviction was overturned by a Los Angeles County judge. This is the latest proof that you should never give up on your case.

Murder Conviction Overturned after 32 Years

After being incarcerated for 32 years, Andrew Leander Wilson has been released from prison because he received “a constitutionally deficient trial,” according to his lawyers. The ruling comes after his lawyers showed that the testimony of a key witness for the prosecution was unreliable.

Wilson’s lawyers found many flaws in the testimony provided by the murder victim’s girlfriend, and they argued that she was willing to lie to police and had no credibility. They attacked her reliability by revealing facts about her personal history that were not presented at trial, including a history of alleged drug use and several violent incidents between Bishop and the victim.

The defense lawyers presented evidence that Bishop had previously stabbed her boyfriend during a fight and once attacked him so violently that his knee was dislocated. Additionally, they showed that Bishop had falsely accused another man of rape just a few months before testifying at Wilson’s trial.

The defense team also showed that Bishop had previously known Wilson, including babysitting his children in the past. Despite this, Bishop could not identify Wilson during several photo lineups. She finally correctly identified Wilson during an in-person lineup, but only after police showed her a photo of him.

“Had the evidence been produced to the defense, rather than seeing Bishop as a traumatized young woman who witnessed the tragic murder of her boyfriend, the jury would have heard that Bishop was a mentally unstable, emotionally volatile young woman…” Wilson’s lawyers said.

Why You Should Never Stop Fighting Your Conviction

Most people believe that false convictions are only overturned when DNA evidence is discovered that proves the defendant was not guilty of the crime. However, that is not true. As Wilson’s case shows, an experienced and dedicated post-conviction attorney could look at the facts of your case carefully and find ways to fight your conviction. This could not have happened without the committed lawyers who were willing to spend hundreds of hours to help do justice. Continue reading →

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