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customs-300x199Immigration has been a major issue concerning President Donald Trump’s administration. Since Trump took office, the number of immigrants detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents has increased, and there have been reports that federal agents have arrested people in courthouses.

Los Angeles has long held that it will be a sanctuary city for immigrants. LA Mayor Eric Garcetti emphasized this stance recently by calling for further protections for immigrants in the city.

Deportation Reports Impacting LA

At an event at the Lincoln Heights Youth Center Complex in East Los Angeles, Mayor Garcetti addressed alarming trends in the city. Garcetti noted that Los Angeles has seen fewer visitors at its city parks, libraries, art centers and senior centers recently. He believes the reason for this may be that families are staying home to avoid potential contact with law enforcement for fear of being deported.

There has also been a drop in the amount of reports of sexual assaults and domestic violence among the city’s Latino population, according to LAPD Chief Charlie Beck. While these facts cannot directly be attributed to the actions of the Trump Administration, the decline has not been seen in other demographics.

City of LA Supporting Immigrants

To address the deportation fears that many have, Garcetti signed an executive order called “Standing with Immigrants: A City of Safety, Refuge, and Opportunity for All.” This order prevents port and airport officials from being deputized as federal immigration agents.

The order builds on current LAPD immigration enforcement policies where law enforcement officers cannot check the immigration status of individuals in custody. Current policies also state that individuals cannot be detained longer than warranted per the request of federal deportation agents without a court order. Continue reading →

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