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Given the proliferation in use of high-tech portable electronic devices as well as wider access to the Internet, it probably does not surprise many that a number of teens and even children experiment with sexuality at a much younger age. Of course, some of these acts may be considered perfectly normal or natural. It is important to remember, however, that juveniles in Orange County may be charged with serious crimes for acts they commit without even knowing or understanding that they are breaking the law. For example, a juvenile may be charged with distributing child pornography for sending out sexually suggestive images with a text or a “sext.”

The Juvenile Justice System

Anyone who is 17 years old or younger is considered a “juvenile” in the eyes of the law. California’s juvenile justice system is substantially different from the state’s adult justice system. This is because society recognizes the importance of treating our youth differently than adults. The emphasis in the juvenile justice system is on treatment and rehabilitation. The adult justice system focuses on punishing offenders.

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