California Governor Jerry Brown Proposes Budget to Fix Prison Overcrowding

By: Wallin & Klarich

Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown proposed a state budget which included a number of policy proposals intended to rectify the long-standing problem of prison overcrowding. If this plan is correctly implemented it could result in the release of thousands of California inmates back into the general population.

Aspects of Gov. Jerry Brown’s Prison Plan Proposals


If Governor Brown’s proposals are adopted by our legislature then some or all of the following inmates could have their sentences shortened:

  • Inmates that are over 60 years of age and have served at least 25 years of their sentence.
  • Inmates with serious physical or cognitive conditions.
  • Nonviolent second strike offenders.
  • Inmates who are serving a felony sentence in a county jail.

Their time will now be “split” between time behind bars and time under county supervision.

It is crucial to note that, above all, in order for an inmate to be eligible for release he or she must not pose any threat to the safety of the general public.

Other Features of Governor Brown’s Proposal:

Governor Brown’s proposed budget would also supply additional funds to jails and prisons statewide in an attempt to improve the quality of the facilities. Currently, many prison officials are being forced to create makeshift housing quarters for some inmates due to overcrowding.

Additionally, Brown has proposed the idea of limiting the time an inmate could spend in a county jail. An inmate can serve up to 10 years of his or her sentence in county jail while inmates with longer sentences would be forced to relocate to state prisons. This proposal likely comes as a result of the protests by numerous county officials regarding county jails being unable to manage long-term prisoners.

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