New Amendment To California Penal Code Section 136.2 Allows Courts To Track Criminal Defendants That Have A Criminal Protective Order Issued Against Them By Use of A GPS Device

By: Wallin & Klarich

As of 2013, the court, upon issuing a criminal protective order, will have the authority to require electronic monitoring of the defendant. Moreover, if the defendant has the ability to pay, the court will require the defendant to pay for the cost of the electronic monitoring. The court could also require that the defendant be placed on electronic monitoring for up to one year.


Domestic Violence Protective Court Orders

Protective orders are very often issued by the court in domestic violence cases. Often, the defendant and the alleged victim still live together or interact with each other. Electronic tracking of defendants with a protective order issued against them will likely lead to many more defendants being charged with a violation of the protective order, especially if the defendant attempts to continue to live with or see the protected person.

The attorneys at Wallin & Klarich can not only fight for you against criminal charges, but can also work to prevent a criminal protective order from being issued. The best way to avoid facing charges alleging a violation of a protective order is to ensure the order is never issued by the court.

California Restraining Order Lawyer

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