Woman Gets DUI Charge After Allegedly Repeatedly Crashing Car In School Parking Lot

By: Wallin & Klarich

Patricia Libby, a 39 year-old mother, was dropping off her children for a class trip. The police report stated that Libby allegedly hit a Smart car with her Hyundai when she pulled into a parking space. The police report further stated that after the initial contact, Libby put the car into reverse and crashed her car again into the Smart car. She repeated her action again for a third and final time.


Parents of the other children were mortified by the incident. They told reporters that as Libby got out of her car, she acted as if nothing had happened and continued to walk her children into the elementary school.

The Sheriffs Department was immediately notified of the incident. When the sheriffs arrived at the scene, the scent of alcohol on Libby was immediately apparent to the sheriffs. They immediately gave Libby several field sobriety tests and she allegedly failed all of them. Libby was then arrested, charged, and brought into county jail.

The charges against Libby include the following: driving under the influence, causing property damage while driving drunk, and child neglect.

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