New Los Angeles Law Requires Porn Actors To Wear Condoms

By: Wallin & Klarich

In what is being called a major victory for the health of those who work in the Adult Entertainment industry, the voters of Los Angeles County approved Measure B which requires all Adult Entertainment actors to wear condoms in any film that they make in Los Angeles County.
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The new law will carry strict fines for violations.
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Many in the industry are greatly concerned that this new law will negatively impact sales of their movies. They claim that when similar laws have been passed in other states that sales have plummeted by as much as 30%. The theory behind the argument is that “consumers” of adult films do not want to purchase films where condoms are being used.

On the other hand the Department of Health has stated that new guidelines will be developed quickly to make sure that the law is enforced. Whether or not inspections will become part of the enforcement remains to be seen.

Michael Weinstein, founder of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, stated that there have been many recent HIV infections along with other sexually transmitted diseases discovered to exist in members of the industry. A great concern of course is that these diseases will spread when these persons engage in sexual activity with those not involved in Adult Entertainment.

We are interested in your thoughts on this matter? Do you believe that this law makes sense? Do you feel this is a violation of the civil rights of the Adult Entertainment industry to decide the content of their videos without government involvement? We would like to hear your thoughts. Follow us on facebook:

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